Before You Observe

One frequently hears the Montessori environment referred to as an “ocean of activity." Activity is truly a keynote of Montessori: mind and muscles must function freely and together. To help our visitors recognize the various types of work the children are involved in, we are listing some of the very important principles to keep in mind.

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Montessori Education is celebrating over 100 years of exceptional timeless philosophy in the classroom.

The child is helped to become independent, confident, and self controlled. This is why the structured materials are designed for individual use. These materials are also self controlling and self correcting. They create patterns of success and progress and encourage precision requiring small muscle manipulation. Free movement of the body is involved in nearly every exercise. This freedom helps to fix interest and attention, leads to concentration and prevents fatigue. So you will see children on the move: carrying, sweeping, rolling and unrolling mats, polishing, etc.

In order to release the creative power present in every child, all the exercises are geared for success and accomplishment and to reduce chances of failure. Outside pressure is eliminated; this covers competition, comparison and external rewards.

Please keep in mind that your observation is only for a short period of time, and that each hour of every day in a Montessori classroom varies. There is a set schedule and routine, children's moods and requirements are different, and we try to interpret their particular needs and satisfy them.

During your visit, please take notice of the variety of purposeful activities which are self-chosen and self-directed, the amount of movement, the lively and natural, rather than directed, social interaction of the children, the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere and the spontaneous interest in the work. Watch the adults moving around within the flow of activities, assisting but not interfering, remaining calm, patient and respectful.


A calendar and newsletter will be sent home each month. Please follow the schedule listed below until you receive monthly calendars with any additions or changes.

7:30 Before Care
8:30 Social and play time
8:45 Story time
9:00 Morning circle; good morning, date, calendar, weather, pledge to the flag
9:20 Lessons (individual and group) Work Time Begins
10:45 Bell - clean up - jobs
11:00 Monday - Sounds of the week-Spanish/Sign Language
Tuesday - Science
Wednesday - Music/Show and Tell (no toys)
Thursday - Library, please return books promptly each week
Friday - Gym - Geography - Funday magazine/afternoon
11:30 Dismissal for half day and lunch for full day
12:00 Arrival for afternoon class
12:15 Free play time
1:00 Afternoon lessons begin (children are grouped by ages and kindergarten)
2:40 Clean up
2:50 Preparations for dismissal
3:00 School day is over - EXTENDED HOURS Available 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Springton Lake Montessori School
Springton Lake Montessori School
Springton Lake Montessori School
Springton Lake Montessori School