Montessori Education
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What Parents Can Look For In The Child
Attending The Montessori School
Look for the presence, absence and growth of your child in the following areas:
  1. Exercise of free choice
    • spontaneous or has to be invited
    • able to choose by self
  2. Interest in work
    • attention span-begins to lengthen
    • care in detail
    • sequence and orderliness
  3. Control and Coordination
    • handling of material
    • muscle coordination
    • hand and eye coordination
    • precision-working
  4. Concentration
    • stays at work till end
    • repetition
  5. Independence
    • can work well alone
    • need teacher�s help at times
  6. Tidying Up
    • puts materials back
    • helps keep environment in good order
  7. Achievement
    • presentation (1st period)
    • practice (2nd period)
    • knowledge (3rd period)
  8. Social Relationships
    • respect, cooperation, helpfulness
All of these contributions come to your child from a Montessori environment. The teachers make a prepared environment from a carefully planned curriculum. This environment (classroom), has many areas of interest available: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, geography, social studies, computers, art, large motor activity, Spanish, sign language, etc.